Sunsetting Office Hours

Mar 4, 2021 | Learning Management Systems

We’re Changing With The Times!

Over the past school year, AESD’s LMS Solutions project has offered many forms of support to educators around Washington state. One of our options, live office hours for assistance with LMS questions, is being reformatted to be more convenient for educators with busy schedules. After March 5, we will no longer schedule our twice-weekly office hours. Instead, educators can access LMS and technology support via the following menu of options:

Regional Educator Networks

Join our Regional Educator Networks to access a statewide professional learning community, including LMS platform-specific PLC groups

Ask-A-Teacher-Help Desk

Access CSTP’s Ask-A-Teacher-Help Desk via Twitter, Facebook, or by filling out a form

Access the WA Learning Playground Slack Channel

Let’s work together in Slack. We can use the channel #lms-911 to help each other with immediate questions and solutions for all things related to LMS problems/questions. Join here >

Regional support

Contact your region’s coordinator for expert advice >