This event has already taken place! Interested in viewing some of the sessions?

Future Focused Educators' SummitThe 2020-21 school year redefined what it is to be an educator in the modern world. Through this challenge, we have found opportunities for growth.  We want to prepare for the 2021-22 school year with a focus on equitable practices and meeting the needs of diverse populations through creating, connecting, collaborating, and orchestrating change together. To this end, we’ve planned the Future-Focused Educators’ Summit, a virtual event to take place July 26-29, 2021.

The Summit is for ALL school staff regardless of job role. Teachers, administrators, paraeducators, office staff, and more are welcome to attend. During the conference, educators will choose and attend sessions relevant to their specific practice, geared toward answering the overall summit essential question: reflecting on our learning from the past 16 months, how do we plan for and orchestrate transformative educational practices that provide equitable, inclusive, and effective learning?

Educators will have the opportunity to:

  • Plan for different learning environments
  • Explore integration of best instructional and content practices
  • Connect and collaborate intentionally to prepare for the school year
  • Get inspired by fueling their passion for learning and helping students

Administrators will additionally have the opportunity and dedicated time to:

  • Analyze current systems and practices
  • Connect with initiatives and colleagues
  • Strategically plan for the 2021-2022 school year and beyond

Sessions will be focused around the following themes:

  • Learning Environments: How do we prepare, develop, connect, support, and empower each learner through the balance of learning environments across the system?
  • Instructional Practices: What educator moves can we embed in our practice to support our students, communities, and each other in order to disrupt and dismantle inequitable practices and systems so that ALL students can achieve at high levels?
  • Content Specific Practices: What content specific practices have leverage and longevity inside and outside of the classroom that best support our students’ growth?
  • Teacher Leadership: How do I advocate for and strengthen equitable practices and structures to transform systems?
  • Digital Tools: How can we purposefully and effectively integrate digital tools to impact learning and practice?

Our Summit starts with an evening kickoff event, bringing together educators from all roles. For the next two days, you’ll choose from a menu of interactive, engaging sessions that will offer the opportunity for up to 15 STEM clock hours.

The Future-Focused Educators’ Summit is designed to inform, inspire, and energize you to meet the challenges of the 2021-22 school year. We hope you’ll join us to connect, learn, and lead with colleagues around the state and beyond!