Regional Contacts


Direct any questions to your regional contact listed below.

ESD 101 (Spokane)

Steve Schreiner
Technology and Learning Coordinator

Erik Wolfrum
Director of Teaching and Learning

ESD 105 (Yakima)

Darcie Jamieson
Teaching and Learning Project Manager

ESD 112 (Vancouver)

Kristina Wambold
Digital Learning Coach

Katherine Livick
Professional Development Manager for Digital Learning

ESD 113 (Tumwater)

Andrew Hickman
Director Ed Tech

Joel LeBel
Professional Learning Coach

ESD 114 (Bremerton)

Sandy Gessner Crabtree
Sr. Strategy Officer for Educational Equity

Kim Weaver
STEM Coordinator

ESD 121 (Renton)

Jeff Tillinghast
Director, Educational Technology

Amber McCulloch
Executive Director, K- Post Sec

ESD 123 (Pasco)

Molly Brinkley
Educational Technology Coordinator

Cole Thompson
Technology Help Desk Specialist

ESD 171 (Wenatchee)

Stefan Troutman
Education Technology Specialist

Linda McKay
Asst Supt, T & L

Pete Phillips
Exec Dir Tech Services

ESD 189 (Anacortes)

Trinh Pham
Instructional Technology Specialist

David Forsythe
Asst Supt for Operations


Christi Harter
ESD Network Lead for Ed Tech Pro Dev

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