Cybersecurity and IT Best Practices

The AESD/OSPI EdTech team is collaborating to provide school districts with cybersecurity and information technology resources and professional learning opportunities. We will continue to update this website as this work evolves.

OSPI Cybersecurity Website

Beyond cyberbullying and other digital safety considerations, districts and schools face ever-changing, challenging cybersecurity hazards and threats. Cybersecurity threats may be considered “technological” or “human-caused” threats. They can disrupt education and critical functions, and allow for the release of sensitive information on staff and students. Recovery can be very costly. The resources noted here can help districts and schools develop cybersecurity annexes to their comprehensive EOP/safety plans to prevent such events.

Statewide Learning Opportunities

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Additional Resources

ACPE (Association of Computer Professionals in Education)

ACPE is an IT professional learning organization based in the Pacific Northwest.