Resources for Families

Distance Learning Resources

The AESD has partnered with Shifting Schools to compile resources to assist families and care providers with navigating distance/remote learning with students. Contact your local school district to learn more about how they can support you and your students with distance learning and navigating the various technologies used for instruction.

Remote Learning Vocabulary

Our Learning Management Systems (LMS) specialists have put together a list of key words and their meanings to help families become familiar with the basic vocabulary around Learning Management Systems.

Resources: Supporting Student Learning

This document contains resources for parents and caregivers on how to support students’ social-emotional learning and academics.

Additional Learning Resources

Additional learning resources are available through the AESD’s partnership with Shifting Schools to assist families and providers with distance learning and navigating new learning technologies. These self-paced guides and modules are available for anyone supporting students at home or off-site during distance learning.

Modules include:

What is a Learning Management System (LMS)?

As parents/caregivers, how do we make sense of all the digital tools that seem to be required for the “new normal” of remote learning? An LMS or Learning Management System is one such tool being used by school districts across WA and many other states to help families stay connected to their child’s teacher, school and classmates.

Creating an At-Home Learning System/Schedule

Now more than ever, parents/caregivers supporting students at home need structure to help them stay organized. Creating a schedule and healthy routines can energize and provide peace and purpose during this time of distance (remote) learning.

Support Like a Coach

With the shift to online learning, many parents/caregivers are having to support their children’s education in ways they never imagined. Thinking of yourself as your child’s coach can help you and your family tap into success as you navigate together the new way of doing school.

Encourage a Growth Mindset and Why Struggle is Good for Learning

As teaching and learning moves from the classroom to the living room, parents/caregivers and students must reframe their thinking to navigate the challenges of remote learning. Encouraging a growth mindset and understanding why struggle is necessary for learning are keys to overcoming these challenges.