Media Literacy and Digital Citizenship

The AESD/OSPI EdTech team is collaborating to provide our school districts with media literacy and digital citizenship resources and professional learning opportunities. Please see the current options provided below and check back regularly to view additional resources.

OSPI Media Literacy and Digital Citizenship

The OSPI Media Literacy and Digital Citizenship website highlights that Media literacy and digital citizenship are overlapping content areas that should be integrated into every subject taught in today’s classrooms. The media literacy and digital citizenship learning standards can lead students to think critically about the messages they consume and create through a variety of forms of communication. Those associated with digital citizenship enable students to use technology in ways that are safe, responsible, ethical, and kind.

OSPI EdTech Grant Support

Your Regional ESD EdTech Contacts are here to help with your grant writing and implementation needs. You are invited to apply for the HB 1365 OSPI Media Literacy & Digital Citizenship grants. Funding allocation: $60,000 for fiscal year 2021-22 and $60,000 for fiscal year 2022-23.

Planning grants are currently available for the remainder of FY 2021-22 and will be reviewed on a rolling basis. Grant funds can be used to convene stakeholders, identify needs, and review curriculum options in order to apply for a project grant that would be implemented FY 2022-23. The project grant would focus on integration of Media Literacy, Digital Citizenship, or Synthetic Media (aka deepfakes) into classes by adapting curriculum and sharing best practices with a Professional Learning Community.

OSPI Contact

Lesley James
Media Literacy & Digital Citizenship Program Supervisor

Media Literacy and Digital Citizenship Connections

Washington OER Commons Hub

Provides free, open education resources such as the Educational Technology Collection and Media Literacy & Digital Citizenship Collection

Washington Librarian Association

Consider connecting with the Washington Librarian Association

Common Sense Digital Citizenship curriculum

A nonprofit organization dedicated to improving the lives of all kids and families by providing the trustworthy information, education, and independent voice they need to thrive in the 21st century.