Regional Educator Network

The Regional Educator Network (REN) is a statewide collaboration focusing on educational technology best practices. Our goal is to provide peer-to-peer mentorship and support among education practitioners, build capacity and partnerships, and provide access to a community of learners for all types of educators.

This network will prepare educators to be leaders in their district with regard to integrating educational technology and provide up to 25 clock hours (including up to 15 STEM clock hours depending on learning pathways selected).

2021-2022 REN

The REN consists of two live, virtual professional learning opportunities focusing on educational technology best practices from 4:00-6:00 pm with clock hours offered. Each REN topic shown below is guided by the WA Teacher/Principal Evaluation Criteria:

March 15, 2022

Educational Technology Connections to Educator Mental Health and Wellbeing/Self-care
(TPEP criterion 3 & 6)

May 10, 2022

Educational Technology Connections to Youth Voice and Advocacy
(TPEP criterion 2 & 8)

In addition to each live session, you can choose your own path, at your own pace, through our robust Regional Educator Network Hub to further build your skills and background knowledge, develop a community to help you apply your learning in your classroom, and engage in reflective inquiry with your colleagues. You will be able to choose a network group with a focus on Media and Digital Citizenship, IT best practices, or your district adopted Learning Management System (LMS).

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Still wondering what it’s all about?

Read on to preview some selected sessions from last year’s REN network.

A year in review

The 2020-21 REN was a great success. Over 300 educators and school leaders engaged in the REN. Those that joined the REN live sessions were able to choose from a menu of options that addressed the theme of the month. After the live sessions, all participants had access to edited recordings of the live sessions with resources and discussion options to continue their learning on-demand in the REN Canvas Hub.

Theme: Relationships and Career Development

Culturally Responsive Online Teaching

Explore opportunities for culturally responsive teaching through an article and reflection on current practices.

Access the slides.

Futures Thinking: Building Relationships in All Environments

Use Futures Thinking to stretch your imagination, explore activities to leverage it in your role, and create actionable steps to plan forward.

Access the slides.

Theme: Power of Educators

Empowering through Neuroscience

Empower your craft by better understanding how our unique brains work. Topics covered include Embracing Neurodiversity, Fueling Brain Growth and Overcoming Obstacles. Presented by Jen Flo, ESD 113, Jeff Crawford, ESD 101 and Andrew Hickman, ESD 113. Participants may view the “Empowering through Neuroscience” slide deck for additional resources or to use with your own students/staff.

Empowering Others

Come join our unconference session to share how you are empowering and uplifting other educators in your influence sphere. Facilitated by Kristina Wambold, ESD 112 and Joel LeBel, CRESD 113. Participants are encouraged to engage with the recording using the “How do you empower others padlet”.

Centering Student Voice—What makes a powerful educator?

This panel session will provide an opportunity to hear from students about their experience with learning in the virtual space and what makes a powerful educator. Facilitated by Amber McCulloch, PSESD121 and Brooke Brown, Washington State Teacher of the Year, Franklin Pierce SD.

Theme: Learning Environments

Creating a Learning Space for Student to Show Up as Their Full Selves

In addition, to watching the recording below, you can also access slide presentation and resources guide  and contribute to the conversation on the Padlet.

Mindful Learning Spaces Through Neuroscience

The “Mindful Learning Spaces through Neuroscience” presentation can be accessed in addition to watching the video recording below:

Interested in the REN?

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